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How To Select A Contractor

You have issues with your roof: hail damage, leaks, roof damage,...  Now you must choose a contractor to perform the work.  How do you know the contractor you are talking to is going to do the job right?  How do you know their price is fair?

There are no guarantees the job will be done right.  However with a little research and asking the right questions, you can make a good choice.


Where to find a good contractor?


Yellow pages

Internet search




Material suppliers


Source of lead


Did you contact them or did they contact you? Many disreputable contractors chase storms and do a lot of phone solicitation and door knocking. A contractor knocking on your door doesn’t necessitate they are not quality. There are good contractors that use phone solicitation and door knocking as their lead source.  If a contractor approaches you about checking your roof, it is adviseable to always check with another contractor or two to verify the need, pricing, and estimated scope of work.